praxis is a society building a city
Technology gives us the opportunity to build better cities, founded on community and shared values. In the 20th Century, cities were organized around labor markets. Now, we can work remote from anywhere we choose. With this new freedom, we can leave work-centric cities and live with people who share our values. Praxis is leading this movement. We are building a new city, organized around vitality.
a community of future city residents
Praxis is a society of future city residents, ranging from founders, creatives, investors, and all in-between. Our membership is application-based. Once accepted, members attend events and can participate in the building of the city. Most importantly, members have a shared way of life: optimism, good health, clear purpose, and commitment to an idea greater than themselves, encapsulated in a word: Vitality.
master plan and progress
Many new city projects begin with construction, then search for residents. Praxis inverts this process: we built the community first. Together, we’re building the city where we want to live.
Gather a base of talented, values-aligned future residents, who represent demand for the city
financing (in progress)
Partner with large, sophisticated pools of capital on the basis of proven demand
Partner with a forward-looking government that wants to invite the most talented people in the world to help grow their economy
Acquire land and develop physical infrastructure
move in
Phase I: 10,000 Residents
privacy & legal
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